Buford O'Sullivan and the Weapons Live
The Knitting Factory,
New York, NY
December 18, 2005.

Just before Christmas, I got an opening slot  for The Slackers at
their annual Christmas show.  I called my boys in DIAW, and they
joined me for a set of classics.  Here is The Weapons' crazy
rendition of my beer opus!

I Can't Decide  (2.54MB)
The Sexy Eye  (Nomadic Wax)

Out Now! First released on "7 Wonders of the World", it was the
precursor to today's digital solution.  Well, Steve couldn't keep it
going, so this collection of songs went into the wild blue yonder,
until now!  All the songs are available for download on the net.  
More services are due to pick it up, including Napster, God bless
'em.  Until then, you have three choices, listed below with links.
Itunes doesn't make you pay to join, so I recommend them.  You
just have to download the program, if you don't already have it
installed, and then you can go to the store and BUY BUY BUY!  I
hope you do.  I'm proud of these recordings, which feature the
talent of Victor Rice, Agent Jay, Eddie Ocampo, Tony Colarco,
Ben Klingberg, and Glen Saunders.  Get Sexy!

The Sexy Eye (599KB)
Looser Nation (1.40MB)

Itunes                          Rhapsody                        MusicNow
Click the picture
to view the trailer!
The Club of Hopes and Fears (Moon Satellite)

My first full CD, released right at the peak of ska season.  All my
friends played on it, Victor, Agent Jay, Eddie Ocampo.
gave it a nice review.  It sold a few copies before Moon closed the
storefront, so I'm proud to have a limited supply left.  Check out
some samples below, and if you wish to buy digital, click the Itunes
icon.  If you wish to buy a CD, visit the

When My Heart Was New Sample (466KB)
Hey Officer (531KB)
I Know What I'm Gonna Do (854KB)

Click the picture
to view the trailer!
I Can't Decide (Moon)

The single that started it all, yes?  Not too many left, so order
while they last (I'm going to keep a few for myself).  If you have a
turn-table, well vinyl is still relevant. Visit the

I Can't Decide
The Decade Revival Song
I'm Gonna Do it Someday
Nude Beach Version!

Its hard to believe that bands have covered my songs, but here it
is.  The Original by The Scofflaws, then the classic cover by
Tihuana, a Brazilian band, and then The Players.  

Nude Beach by The Scofflaws (3.13MB)
La Praia Nudista by Tihuana (3.26MB)
Nude Beach (live) by The Players (2.61MB)
How Right I Was

A January 2004 session at Jammyland NYC with Victor Rice,
Agent Jay and Eddie Ocampo.  We did a couple of songs, and
these are the ones that I like best.  Click the song title to
download or listen.

Hoping to Hear From You (4.06MB)
Waiting at the Bus Stop (3.70MB)
How Right I Was (5.24)
The Battered Sea

Back in London in the early eighties, a group of young scene
makers decided to make a band, recorded some wonderful goth
songs, and then they all died in a tragic accident.  I ran across
their tape at a London club in a pile that was ready to be thrown
out.  I could not let this happen!  

The Shadowed Face of Mystery (4.78MB)

Here are three dubs by Victor Rice. They are selected from a
larger project containing seven tracks, soon to be released. This
one is called 'Dub Rats'.

Dub Rats (88KB)