The Easy Star All Stars

First "Dub Side of the Moon", then "Radiodread", and how "Until
That Day"
.  ESAS is proving to be the formidable power of reggae
tributes to rock and roll.  These guys and gals put on a show full
of quality talent, righteous divaship, and all-out good vibes.   I
wrote a song for the Easy Star All Stars in San Francisco on the
road, at the Phoenix Hotel using one of those crazy marimbas (if
you've ever stayed there, you know what I mean).

The Vaporizer Song (4.56MB)
Recorded live at the Knitting Factory, NYC
Dub is a Weapon

Dave Hahn built this project from the ground up, and now he has
it on the road as Lee "Scratch" Perry's backing band!  Seeing this
show is a truly incredible experience, so if it comes around to your
town, you must see it.  As I am busy with Easy Star right now, the
saxephonista Chrissie Dub is playing with them.  

Armed and Dangerous (4.77 MB)

The Toasters

The original New York ska legends.  I began playing with them, off
and on, since 1990, and will do so again given the opportunity.  
Bucket is single-minded and driven to get in the van, go to the
club, load in the equipment, sell the merch, drink the beer, play
the gig, load out, go to the Motel 6 and stay up the rest of the
night surfing the web while the alcohol wears off.  Right now, Greg
Robinson of Mephiskapheles fame is playing the trombone for
them.  This is the real thing.

Can I get Another? (2.60MB)
recorded live at Northern Lights, Albany (Fred Reiter on sax and
Big Dan on Bass).  Hanson had played the club a few nights
before, and we found a fan letter, which explains my impromptu
vocal improvisation over Fred's solo.
The Scofflaws

I met Richard Brooks and Mike Drance on the street in 1989 and
they asked me to sit in with them way out in Huntington Long
Island.  I lasted a bit over ten years in that band, going on
countless tours, making four CDs, and watching the band morph
from one line-up to the other.  Always a good time, a story of
searching for the party's height via the passion of the crew.  I'll
always be grateful to Sammy - he'll always be on stage doing what
he does best.  Sapphire and seltzer.

Soul Skank (6.26MB)
recorded live at Ugo's Valley Tavern, circa 1990l  I must have
been new to the band, because it sounds like Mike forgets my
name for a minute.
The Victor Rice Octet

When I first met Victor, he was the prodigy bass master student at
Manhattan School of Music.  Now, he's the genius composer,
whose stuff can be heard on Sci-Fi channel.  The Octet is the
cream of the crop of New York skanksters, all with deep
knowledge of the groove.

Visit his site for music!
Primitive Reason

I was never a full-time member of this Lisbon Portugal band, but I
am on two of their releases as horn section composer and
arranger, and it was such a fun gig that I include them here.  They
had a swank West-Side party house where they held all-night
crazed flings.  They are back in Europe now, and you can see
them there.

No Lying Stings Sample (863KB)

Visit their site for music!
Big Noise

Every college student should be in a college art band at least
once.  This one lasted three years after graduation, and we went
through all the phases: dissonant dorm parties, the serious, "get
label interest" time, road trips down to NYC to play Bleeker Street
and up to Boston for radio shows, and finally the exhausted
separation.  We even had an appearance on "The Joe Franklin
Show", but alas the band dissolved.  Good times were had by all.

Falling Underground (4.30MB)
Recorded up in Red Hook at Paul Antonell's old "Hell House"
studio, way back in 1983 or something.